I hope this finds you well.

+ RECORD - After years of sitting on After the Elephant, I have decided to release it digitally. This music was inspired by the birth of my son 4 years ago- I was coming into my new life and documented it in the record. Recorded in my Brooklyn apartment with baby in hand, I would whisper these songs softly into the mics and did a bunch of work in digital land. The piano that sits in my living room (in place of a dining table) was also very present in all of the songs. Overall, the rawness and honesty that lives in this music was close to my original solo work so many of you met me through- Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant. This is what earned the name After The Elephant. It is the same stream of consciousness but with less innocence. Listen on SpotifyApple MusicTidal, and Amazon. I hope you enjoy it. I also have a limited number of signed vinyl for the project HERE and some new merch designs HERE.

While making After The Elephant, I would put visuals up in the studio on repeat.  Their beauty inspired the sounds on the album.  Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert has always been so moving to me.  Enjoy the visual mix tape HERE.

+ LIVE -  NYC Rockwood November 4th @ 830pm. VIP & General Tickets HERE.

+ DOWNLOAD - STATIONHEAD is my newest creation. For everyone wondering what I have been working on- my best friend and I created a company from a vision we had one night jamming in his perfectly acoustic bathroom. The app allows anyone to be DJ. Come hang with me on my station. Email me if you are interested in learning more or to set up your own station to be a DJ. // info@stationhead.com

+ LISTEN - Thursday at 10pm EST / After The Elephant Listening Party on Stationhead. Lets Talk Hard together while we listen track by track.