Autographed copy

Released 2005

Track listing:

  1. We Might Fall
  2. So Ordinary
  3. Famous Love
  4. Losing Your Memory
  5. Psycho Suicidal Girls
  6. O
  7. Back of Your Car
  8. Saw You In Heaven
  9. The Same When I'm Alone
  10. Dance With You
  11. Sink or Swim
  12. Perfect
  13. Famous Yet
  14. The First Time
  15. Waiting For Love
  16. Here Son
  17. Take a Ride With Me
  18. The Fairy Tale
  19. The One You Know
  20. Lullaby Suicide

A defining moment of who I am today was when I decided to move on from the band and onto my own. My music has never sounded so honest. I decided to hold nothing back and just move in the idea that moving keeps us all alive. This is what I wrote in the insert of the album:

This is music that you never get to hear. It is like a prom date without her make up on - a cover model without an airbrush in her bag of tricks. I have always held back songs thinking that they weren't finished, but the more I "finished" them, the more I wished they sounded like they once were. I always try to get back to the purity of the first time. The way I approach music is simple. I sit and allow what wants to come out, out. It is the most basic idea, but then what often happens is, the second I walk away, the moment is gone. It's the girl at a party you connected with like magic, but let slip away without capturing the moment, and come Monday it's just not the same. The way she looks at you has disappeared, much like the prospect to shatter the norm and do something different with your life. You can try and possibly succeed in getting it back, but you only wonder what would have been if you had captured the moment when you had it. This music is that to me. I moved on from the excess, dropped the rock band and stripped. I set up ears with wires coming out of them to hear what I was doing, and then forgot that they were there. I did not record this. I only captured it. Most of these songs were born in my living room late October through December of 2004. I found myself sitting with the piano and nothing else. Everything is live and most of what you are hearing I am also hearing for the first time. I understand that there is a lot here for one album and believe me, if this were a proper record there would be only half the songs. In breaking out of my old habits I have decided to hold nothing back. You now have what I have, and it is my happiness to share it with you. I just want you to hear this music the way it is supposed to be heard - sitting next to me in a room hearing songs for the first time together. I believe elephants are all knowing. I believe their eyes are the witnesses of the world. These are The Songs from the Eye of an Elephant//all songs captured by r. star in a house on long island, where 4 children used to play//

Some of the songs were literally written while I was recording them. "Lullaby Suicide" stands out to me as the highlight in that regard. I created a cool music box type of sound and then just sat there and started singing. It sounded really cool to me so before I played anymore I hit record. I was already sitting at the recording equipment because I was working on another song. Four minutes later I had the song. I went back and changed two words when I realized what I was singing about and then added a moog for some cool bass effect. All that was then left to do was add the feminine touch. She sat there and I told her to just mimic what she heard. It is truly a lullaby. "Here Son" is also what I would consider a song that reaches higher than my physical state. It is about our fleeting lives and moving on. It is about family and possessions. It is about tyrants and greatness. Like all of the songs are on the album, it is a blueprint for what is to come next. The plan was to get these ideas out so that I can move on to what is next. I can go on forever about each song but I will just say that every single one is honest. It is the first collection of music that I have made that I am truly a fan of. I appreciate it for what it is and that is why I believe people will connect with it. It is not trying to be anything else but a collection of honesty in the form of song.

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